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Benefits of Home Improvement

Owning a home can be as rewarding as it is challenging. Fixing those small problems and slowly learning to enhance your house is important to the long term value of your investment. There are several benefits of home improvement. These include improvements to your living conditions as well as increasing the estimated value of your property.

Marketing and Resale Value

Improving your home will not only upgrade the value of your home but will also improve the marketability should you decide you want to put it back on the market. A home can lose its value quickly through general use, wear and tear and also outdated installations. Understanding the importance of upgrading and improving your investment is essential as a home owner.

The National Association of Realtors suggests the current market is still soft which means selling a home is much more difficult than in the past. Often houses are put on the market and can remain there for months without interest. This requires homeowners to play the marketing game and learn ways to increase the likelihood their house offers substantial desirability compared to other homes on the market.

Home Improvements That Pay

While you want to insure you have fixed the broken pipes or the leaky roof, purchasers are looking for more enhancements than your typical operating home. In fact, according to MSN House and Home, below are the most popular home improvements which can increase the value of your property and provide a payback of between 86%-100%.

• Kitchen Upgrades and/or Remodeling

Many times kitchens are in need of updating and offer buyers the most interest. It is the most commonly used room in the house and tends to be a focal point for anyone interested in a new home. If your kitchen is outdated or has old or boring appliances, you may want to consider a redo. Sometimes simply replacing a few items such as the cabinets and countertops can make all the difference.

• Bathrooms

If your home doesn’t have enough bathrooms it may be beneficial to include this in your remodeling plans. A small half bath is a nice addition to your home and can be built in place of a closet or added to an unused area.

If you don’t have the room to do this, consider updating your current bathrooms. Having more modern and clean upgrades such as showers and sinks will go a long way. No one wants to purchase a home with old bathrooms because it is not appealing and a buyer is looking for something which looks as new as possible for a good value.

• Paint and Siding

painting the homeThere are also many benefits of home improvement when it comes to the exterior of your home. Having a nice curb appeal is another factor when promoting your property over others on the market. A new paint job or siding will give your home a fresh, new look which is attractive and appealing to buyers.

• Decks and Landscaping

Deck additions are very popular and a nice choice if you are promoting a single family home. Allowing your buyers to visualize what they would do with an outdoor area is a terrific selling point. Whether this involves an area for Saturday BBQ’s or lounging in the sun, providing a nice setting is a big factor.

Decorating the outdoors with plants, shrubs and a lovely setting will not only be romantic but allow buyers to feel as though they don’t have any outdoor work in store for them when they purchase their new home. You will want to keep it simple however as some buyers may be overwhelmed with elaborate gardens to maintain.

By making some of these changes, you will begin to understand the benefits of home improvement. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home, these changes will give you a much better atmosphere and allow for a comfortable lifestyle. You will also increase the equity value of your home which can provide you the opportunity to take out equity loans for home improvements and such. With the housing market in decline it is important to continually improve the viability of your home and property.